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If you look behind the scenes of the Foxtail Festival, you’ll discover the structure behind the party and the universe. Well, at least the foxtail universe. To support and uphold the festival activities, we’ve created a nonprofit called ‘Musikforeningen Foxtail,’ i.e. ‘The Foxtail Music Association’.

We aim to do the following, as stated in our clause of purpose:

To promote the knowledge and dissemination of traditional American folk music.
To support initiatives that benefit children and young people and support humanitarian, other charitable, nonprofit, and cultural work.

The association achieves this by:

  • Being responsible for the development, planning, and implementation of cultural events, including festivals and concerts and other related or derivative activities. 
  • Participation in association work to promote the members’ interest and understanding of the social and societal significance of music 

The work of the association is independent of party politics. It has no geographical boundaries.

If you want to join, help, or otherwise support this fine cause, consider becoming a supporting member of the Foxtail Music Association by signing up below. You’ll receive an invitation to the general assembly (it takes place in the wintertime, helps us all get through the dark season). And a copy of this year’s festival poster will be available for you to pick up at the Foxtail Festival.

The membership dues is 200,- DKK per year. The membership can be cancelled by sending an email to

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